Birthday: October 18th 1950.


Education: Gladsaxe Sixth Form College. Baccalaureate (biology).


Education: Niels Brock Business College. Commercial Baccalaureate. A special 1-year programme for pupils who already have their A-levels.


Education; Copenhagen Business School. BCom (1st part)..


Education: Avedøre Sixth Form College. Supplementary baccalaureate courses to highest level in mathematics and physics.


Education: University of Copenhagen. Candidatus scientiarum (Master of Science)


Major subject: Datalogy (computer science)


Minor subject: English language, literature and society 


My favourate composers

Johann Sebastian Bach
Heinrich Schütz
Claudio Monteverdi
Diderik Buxtehude
Georg Friedrich Händel
Jean-Philippe Rameau
Josquin des Prés
Peter Heise
Guiseppe Verdi


On the Mythology of Middle-earth as told in Tolkien’s ‘The Silmarillion’, ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’
The Strange Death of Liberal England





Shortly about myself.
Originally, I took my A.-levels from Gladsaxe Sixth Form College (all Danish Sixth Form Colleges called gymnasiums take three years and are for the age groups 16-19). I specialized in Biology. I then took the one-year Higher Commercial Examination Programme at Niels Brock Commercial Upper School.. And to  finish my secondary education, I took the highest level of mathematics and physics the Avedøre Sixth Form College.

Furthermore, I have studied economics at the University of Copenhagen and Accounting at Copenhagen Business School.
At the tertiary I have taken a Master of Science degree from the University of Copenhgen, set to take six years. Computer science was my major, English language, literature and  society my minor subjects. Major papers from the latter can be downloaded to the left.

And 2011 I began to study (astro) physics.

My yniversity site can be found her.
Per Erik Rønne  | Tlf.: 28230992